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  • 09'2010: Booth together with Anhui Wanwei at the iibcc in Aalborg
  • 05'2010: Plan for further increase of capacity for PVA-fibre in 2010
  • 11'2009: Issue of producer's ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, validity date 11'2012
  • 11'2009: Capacity STM and HPF is now 20.000 mt /a
  • 12'2008: Plan for capacity increase in 2009 for STM- and HPF-fibre by 5.000 mt /a
  • 11'2006: Issue of producer's ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for 2006-2009
  • 02'2004: Special transport pallets with vertical gap of 12cm available for PVA-fibres
  • 01'2004: Loading of PVA-fibre-bales into 20'container possible without pallets
  • 12'2003: Our producer of PVA-fibre achieves ISO 9001:2000 Standard
  • 11'2003: Introduction of STM-3 fibre
  • 06'2003: HPF-filaments are used in combination with other high strength fibres for production of safety-cords for longitudinal reinforcement of the corrugation of fibre cement sheets - more information at www.schappe.com
  • 07'2002: Introduction of HPF-fibre, PVA-producers installed capacity is now about 15.000mt PVA-fibre /a
  • 12'1999: Our PVA-producers achieve ISO 9002:1999 Standard

Since the decline of the use of asbestos in the f/c-industry we assist customers in conversion from asbestos to non-asbestos production. Furthermore we can put you into contact with very experienced consultants.

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